iPads putting a significant dent in netbook sales[STATS]

According to new data from consumer electronics company Retrevo, iPads might be putting a significant dent in netbook sales.

Tablets in general are newer, sexier and sleeker than netbooks, their hardworking if relatively old-school counterparts. When iPads were announced, many consumers put off their netbook purchase plans in order to try out and consider buying an iPad instead.

And for folks currently considering a smaller, portable computer, an overwhelming majority are leaning more toward iPads.

That being said, laptops are also holding a steady lead in the portable computer market. In the past year and the current year, 65% of consumers who had to choose between a netbook and a laptop went for the latter in the end.

If you had to choose between a laptop, a netbook and an iPad, which way would you lean, and why?

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