iPhone 4 Baseband 2.10.04 Unlock Coming Within A Month

We are covering a lot of news about an untethered jailbreak which will be available within this month hopefully.While it’s a great news , it may not interest you as much as an unlock being available within the month of December. Unfortunately an unlock will not be available within the month of December, but according to Sherrif_Hashim, an iPhone 4 unlock should be available in January of 2011!

Here’s the tweet:

Hopefully you noticed that the tweet by Gerges2001, was in a different language. As Sherif_Hashim is an Egyptian iPhone Hacker, this tweet was in Arabic. Luckily thanks to some handy translators the tweet turns out to say:

Gerges2001 asking (After Translating):I’m going to perform military service by January 16, will I get the unlock before this date? 😀

Sherif_Hashim replying: sure 🙂

So it won’t exceed this date, it may be within the Xmas or after, but with a few limited days. As you see above Hashim replied with “sure”, this word indicates that he almost finished his unlock tool but he may give it some tests to use it smoothly and free of bugs.

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  1. Asif2BD

    Good News.

  2. Kekoa_wailehua

    Good news but still sucks like hell
    We have to wait still…ipod features are fun but i want to surf the web on the go not via wifi….and make calls recieve calls…

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