iPhone 4 Gyroscope Makes For Better Augmented Reality Experience

This new video shows how the augmented reality experience is made smoother and much more accurate by the iPhone 4’s gyroscope. It also sports an accelerometer and a compass. No more looking like you’ve got the caffeine jitters trying to find the nearest subway.

Mobile AR apps previously relied on merely the accelerometer and compass to determine the device’s postion in 3D space. With the gyroscopic readings coming from the phone, AR apps can now more accurately determine a user’s motion and direction change while holding the device. Icons, which previously jittered and skipped as the user moved – a problem that plagues all mobile AR browsers – can now move in smooth fluid motion.

Acrossair produced the video (embedded below) showing a side-by-side comparison of the app running on an iPhone 4 and a previous model without the gyroscope. The gyro on the iPhone does a much better job of picking up subtle motion than the early model does. The difference is a small one, but the increased realism produced by the gyroscope is just another step toward making the overall AR experience more immersive.

Source: Gizmodo.

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