iPhone 4S Battery Problem Proved To Be Software Based

Here’s another latest scoop about iPhone 4S battery-life issues: apparently, the problem is software-based. It was speculated that iPhone’s battery issues were not hardware based and this has now been confirmed by an anonymous developer. This completely rules out the possibility of hardware problems in iPhone 4S.

A developer, who wished to remain anonymous, demonstrated that the battery-life problem of iPhone is software-related. Some analysts have been saying that since Apple’s iOS update failed to resolve the battery-life problem, this may be because the problem lies with the hardware. However, this experiment clearly establishes that the problem lies with the software, likely with the iOS.

The experiment:
The developer bought two iPhone 4S sets, from the same place, at the same time and connected to the same network running same version of iOS 5.0.1. One iPhone’s battery ran out quickly while the other worked fine. So the developer saved the back-up of the data of both sets and then reset them to factory settings. This wiped the memory of the handsets completely. He then restored the data of both iPhones from the back-up. However, rather than restoring the data of these sets normally, he switched it – he restored the back-up of the faulty set on the normal-functioning set and vice versa. The result was that the battery problem also moved from the faulty set to the normal set which now started experiencing battery-life problems.

A simple experiment as this easily establishes that the battery-life issues lies entirely with iPhone’s software. Apple had released a recent update on iOS 5.0.1 and had claimed that this update will successfully resolve the problem of quick battery depletion. However, according to the users’ feedback on Apple’s support forums, the update was a failure and the battery issues continues to persist.

Image Courtesy Brett Jordan and marioanima. 
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