iPhone 4S Is With Bluetooth 4.0

One of the less ballyhooed features of the iPhone 4S is Bluetooth 4.0, something only found on a few devices so far and this new low-powered version of Bluetooth can open the door to lots of interesting uses for the iPhone 4S, including all kinds of health industry. Bluetooth 4.0′s biggest claim to fame is its low-power consumption, this allows the smallest battery-operated devices to utilize this technology and in terms of performance 24 Mbit/s speeds could be achievable, also there’s potential for a range of up to 200 feet……………..


The Bluetooth 4.0 specification may have been finalized in July of last year, but smartphones supporting the standard are just starting to hit the market and the first such handset is the iPhone 4S. That the iPhone 4S is the first to deliver its Bluetooth 4.0 wares to the American public and one of the biggest selling points of the latest version of the PAN standard is its low-power mode, though that wont have much of an impact on Apple’s device. Couple that with Bluetooth 4.0, this first hit Apple products with the latest MacBook Air and we still see very few peripherals that can work with it, but the promise of its low power consumption and the ability for it to wake up a device sound like real interesting promises. The health care industry is apparently very excited by this with a potential for devices and monitors to be able to connect easily. This new low-powered version of Bluetooth can open the door to lots of interesting uses for the iPhone 4S, including all kinds of health industry uses as mentioned by CNET and in below you will find the communication between MetaWatch and iPhone 4S with Bluetooth 4.0 via CNET.com:

The MetaWatch I am wearing is already Bluetooth-enabled, albeit an earlier version of the standard. It uses Bluetooth to connect to my Android-powered Nexus S 4G to keep me informed about the things around me that matter (email, weather, SMS messages, and incoming phone calls).

This “personal grid” is very useful to me on a daily basis, but that could take a big jump with Bluetooth 4.0. It’s great that I can leave my phone in the pocket and see who is calling me by glancing at my watch. Bluetooth 4.0 would allow that to be taken to the next logical step of using my watch has a hands-free device to take the call. The phone stays out of sight but I can still use the phone at will.

The Siri technology on the iPhone 4S could take that utility even further if the watch had Bluetooth 4.0. It would be fantastic if I could tap a button on the watch and talk to Siri. I could ask questions and hear the answers right on the watch, using the iPhone 4S as the little engine that could.

This is not something from the distant future, this could be done today with the proper investment in Bluetooth 4.0. The MetaWatch already has become a major piece of my mobile toolkit but the sky’s the limit with the doors the iPhone 4S open up.


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