iPhone 4S Satisfied 96% Users

According to a recent survey, 96% users of Apple’s iPhone 4S said that they were satisfied by the phone. This means iPhone 4S has a base of satisfied customer which is even larger than that of iPhone 4 which commandeered some 93 percent satisfaction. However, many users still hate the battery life and the issues associated with it.

The survey was carried out by ChangeWave Research and spoke to some 215 iPhone users. The overall response of iPhone users was overwhelmingly positive, with about 77% users saying that they were very satisfied with their phone while another 19% saying that they were ‘somewhat satisfied.’

Features contributing to user satisfaction:
No doubt, Siri is the major feature which has attracted Apple a large share of the total iPhone users. And it’s the same feature which seems to bring most users a good, satisfactory user experience. According to the survey, 49 percent users mentioned Siri as their favorite iPhone 4S feature. Another 39 percent considered the usability experience of iPhone 4S to be the best part while 33 percent held the nifty camera in the slick phone as the winning tool.

Although the overall response did heavily weigh in favor of Apple, a small percentage of users did complain a certain few things.

Factors leading to dissatisfaction:
The one feature that garnered most dissatisfaction is, naturally, the battery-life of iPhone 4S. The phone has experienced battery-life issues ever since its release and even a software update by Apple seems inadequate to completely resolve the problem. As a result, about 38% percent users considered battery-life problem as the greatest issue with iPhone 4S. Other things were also listed, such as the phone’s inability to support 4G and minor qualms with the network performance. However, none of these were, according to the users, so serious as to entail abandoning the phone.

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