New Bootrom Exploit to Jailbreak iPad 2 On The Way

According to the latest tweets made by famous iOS hacker Comex, GadgetsDNA have reported that somebody has discovered and exploited a new bootrom vulenrability that might lead to the permanent jailbreak of the latest iPad 2, but there are no information regarding whether the same person was able to jailbreak iPad 2 on new Bootroom iBoot-838.3 or not.

Here’s the original tweet:

From the tweet:

@comex is your new iPad 2 exploit in the boot rom? Or a userland exploit? Kinda curious. I am one of the lucky ones who landed one day one.

@Hoosiermo Userland, but I hear someone has a bootrom vulnerability that they might have exploited.

For those who don’t know , unlike JailbreakMe, Bootrom exploit is a low level-bootrom exploit, that can’t be fixed by Apple without a new hardware release of any iOS device. Just firmwares update will not going to patch the vulnerability. It also enable users to change boot and recovery mode logos among many other things.

Few days ago, Comex used his userland exploit to jailbreak the iPad 2 and he working hard to make his exploit a workable jailbraking tool a.k.a JailbreakMe 3.0 which can be released any time the following week.

Till then stay with us for more updates.

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