iPhone 4S TV Ad With Siri

The defining feature of the iPhone 4S would certainly find its way to an Apple advertisement soon enough and Siri has captivated the Internet with its human-like attitude, vast knowledge of cultural geek references and also its continued refusal for your hand in marriage. Apple also announced Siri was still in Beta when they showed it off at the iPhone 4S and it is a cool feature it definitely needs some work, so if you have not seen the television ad yet, take a look……………..


Television networks have begun airing the first commercial for the iPhone 4S with the advertisement focusing primarily on the new device’s Siri virtual personal assistant feature and Apple has begun airing its first television ad for the hyped iPhone 4S, but instead of focusing on improved hardware, the ad’s emphasis is all about Siri, the phone’s handy personal assistant. The fast-paced ad begins with a shot of the Siri interface and then cuts to closeups of a variety of users submitting requests to the application. In typical Apple fashion, the TV spot eschews listing technical specifications in favor of highlighting the personal element to the device and Apple last year aired a series of ads showing heart-warming FaceTime video calls between people. Apple took the wraps off the iPhone 4S at a press event earlier this month and though some pundits expressed disappointment at the lack of a new form factor for the device, record numbers of customers have flocked to purchased the handset. The 30-second ad, called Assistant, is simple, effective nd maybe most importantly, cool. It runs through several people talking to Siri on their iPhones with various questions and problems. Apple usually has a great ad on hand when it launches a new iPhone or iPad and maybe the company didn’t realize how well-liked and how talked about Siri was going to be when it introduced the software. Apple competitors have disparaged the service and Android boss Andy Rubin said earlier this week that he doesn’t believe that phones should serve as assistants, while Microsoft‘s Windows Phone head Andy Lees dismissed the device as not being super useful. Both competing platforms offer their own voice recognition features, though they lack the natural language processing that Siri has.


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