iPhone 5 Cases Indicates Design Will Be Almost Same Like iPhone 4

iPhone 5 is expected to be launched in summer 2011. As we are closes to the launch date we’re hearing various rumor about iPhone 5. Within one week we’ve heard two rumor which is mentioning. Last week, we published some leaked images of engineering design of iPhone 5. And a few days ago we published that iPhone 5 will support dual SIM. And lastly today one of the most famous online item selling site, Alibaba.com displayed the pictures of the cases of iPhone and claimed that these are for iPhone 5.

According to reports, “These cases would be prototypes of the iPhone 5 cases, based on the mockup that was provided by Apple … There is apparently no fundamental change on the placement of the buttons and the SIM card slot.”

Cuttings for power and volume buttons and for camera are clearly visible in the above images. The most interesting part of these cases is that, it seems that apparently iPhone 5 will be same like iPhone 4 but we surely expect some changes in inside iPhone 5 and in iOS as well.

If we look back at all the previous models of iPhone then it will reveal that every second updated model of iPhone usually has the same design of its previous model. Just like iPhone 3GS having design of iPhone 3G and now iPhone 5 may have the same design of iPhone 4.

If Apple follows its yearly pattern, the iPhone 5 will debut in either June or July of this year.

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