iPhone 5 Just 4mm Thick May Thinnest Smartphone Ever(Rumor)

Apple always being very secretive about their product launches. It is quite impossible to get any information of their upcoming devices before the official launch. So here also the same thing happining with the iPhone 5. iPhone 5 concept comes in as world’s thinnest smartphone!, a rumor we get from gizmocrunch.  Let’s checkout quite a bit of detail by Alternative Industries, the designer of the iPhone 5 concept pictures  and some findings bellow.


However designers idea from their imagination and giving us their visualization of what they think the iPhone 5 will be like, that doesn’t stop. The iPhone 5 concept below measure in at just 4mm thick, making it the thinnest smartphone in the world. Now before you say that isn’t possible, it is important to note that the world’s thinnest phone at the moment is built by NEC and is also 4mm thick (but it’s a feature phone only).

Some other features from the design is the long rumored edge-to-edge screen and the same aluminum seams as on the current iPhone 4. This suggests the iPhone 5 concept may be larger in screen size than the current iPhone 4 with the lack of bezel. The SIM card tray also seems to have been eliminated and may be built in now.
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