iPhone 5 Screen Protectors Shows Wider Home Button

Unwire.hk has posted images of a screen protector, that is reportedly destined to be used with the next-generation iPhone and the two most noticeable features that give this away as a next-gen peripheral is the fact that it is larger than the iPhone 4. That hole designated for the home button is elongated and this screen protector, along with other recent peripheral designs are all based on a single leaked design document, which may or may not be authentic. The dimensional difference looks to be the same illustrated by the leaked case from earlier in the month and it could be that Apple is planning to launch two new iPhones……………….


Unwire.hk offers the first look at a screen protector that has been designed for the iPhone 5 and the screen protector shows off the elongated home button seen in the leaked design document. A second shot shows how much bigger the screen protector is than the current generation iPhone 4 and while we’ve seen a number of purported iPhone 5 case designs in the past, none had shown the front of the device. The elongated home button area design was shown in leaked design documents. The design documents only show areas that need to be exposed or open to the user, so it doesn’t mean the physical home button will necessarily adopt the exact shape. There’s been some doubts raised recently about what shape the iPhone 5 might actually take and all these case designs emerging from China. According to some reports, next generation iPhone will be completely redesigned and some reports claim that fifth generation iPhone will come with improved specifications such as faster processor, 8-megapixel camera etc. just like iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, but won’t feature an all-new design and will look like iPhone 4. iPhone 5 will arrive sometime in early-to-mid October and a French Telecom CEO suggested the device would be arriving on October 15th.



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