Amazing iPhone Air And iPhone 6C Concept Videos Surface

Concept artists have come up with some stunning iPhone ideas in the past. SET Solution has now posted two new concept videos which show off amazing ‘iPhone Air‘ and ‘iPhone 6C‘ renderings.

iPhone Air

As we go forth, one major problem for all smartphone vendors is the need to trim down the waist of their devices further. With each new product, this becomes increasingly difficult since it requires diminishing the size of all internal components.

Notwithstanding such practical limitations, SET Solution has created the concept video of what it calls an ‘iPhone Air.’ You may have guessed from the name that the basic idea is about an ultra-slim iPhone which has a brilliant edge-to-edge screen. Apparently, the rather large smartphone measures a mere 1.5 millimeters at the top and 3 millimeters at the bottom. In other words, it is not uniformly thick throughout.

In many ways, the envisioned iPhone Air in the video reminds us of HTC One, especially when it comes to design elements. But then, it’s only an idea.

The other video from SET Solution displays ‘iPhone 6C‘, another concept product which has a curved screen. Since many other smartphone vendors such as Samsung and LG are working on smartphones with curved screens, it makes sense to except the same from Apple in the coming days. In fact, rumors have it that the company is indeed working on one.

In the concept video, iPhone 6C has a screen which is relatively thicker at the top and the bottom but curves slim towards the middle. It certainly looks awesome and may be a very enticing design if it is translated to real life. But then again, the space limitations makes such ultra-sleek designs virtually impossible, at least in the near future.

Source: SET Solution

Courtesy: Business Insider

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