New Apple Patent Talks About iPhone Facial Recognition Feature

We have been hearing for some time that Apple may build a facial recognition security feature into its iPhone handsets. A new Apple patent tends to affirm this notion by exploring the use of face detection to activate select features on Apple products.

iPhone Facial recognition

Facial recognition has already been used in a number of Android handsets and as such, is not new to the mobile arena. However, so far, the feature has primarily been used to unlock a handset or provide similar rudimentary security.

Apple’s patent, on the other hand, talks about using the technology in a different manner. The patent describes the technology as a tool through which iPad, iPhone and Mac users can create customized virtual environments on their respective products.

Facial recognition method

For instance, when a user boots up a Mac, its camera may record the user’s face. Based on pre-recorded preferences, the Mac then lets the user access only such features which are stored against that face in the database of the facial recognition software. In a way, this is the same as adding multiple users on the same machine and giving each of these users a carefully controlled access. What is unique in Apple’s patent is that it talks about allowing or inhibiting access to more basic features such as video and audio settings, screen savers and communications controls.

The same method may be applicable on iPhones and iPad, as is also envisioned in the patent application. Although it is not clear whether Apple really wants to build such a feature in its smartphones or tablets, the company may well add it to the Mac machines where it makes a lot of sense.

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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