New iPhone Images Accidentally Leaked By China Telecom

With the launch of upcoming iPhone handsets just around the corner, rumor has it that China will be among the earliest markets to get the new smartphones. China Telecom recently shared a link, apparently by mistake, which asked for pre-orders for the new iPhone handsets and showed off several images of the new devices.

iPhone images

A verified account of China Telecom recently dished out a post which advertised the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C and asked the customers to place their pre-orders. The post confirmed that China would be among the first markets to get the two handsets, which clearly indicates that China Telecom has landed a sweet deal with Apple.

However, it was apparently a mistake and before soon, China Telecom had taken down the post. Before that could happen, many users were able to grab screenshots of it and post them online. The pre-order link hasn’t been taken down and has simply been tweaked to remove iPhone images from the page.

The question remains, whether or not the images accompanying the link actually showed off iPhone. If they didn’t show iPhone, China Telecom had no reason to take them off, which reaffirms that the company may have leaked them by mistake.

This whole episode also brings to light a very important development. In the past, Apple has conventionally released iPhone in China a few months after releasing it in U.S. This time, however, the company seems intent on launching its two new iPhone handsets at the earliest in China.

Courtesy: WSJ

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