iPhone Users Are Most Brand Loyal, Says Research

According to a recent research carried out by research firm IDC, iPhone users are most loyal to their brand. On the other hand, Android users are far less loyal whereas RIM users, primarily tooling Blackberry, are least loyal which shouldn’t be a surprise since Blackberry is increasingly growing incompetent in a world of iPhone and Android smartphone.

iPhone gathers highest percentage of brand following:
The research states that about 84 percent of the iPhone users who were included in the survey said that they will go for the next model of iPhone rather than any other phone when they have to change their phone. The percentage is lot less for Android smartphone users, only 60% of which said that they would continue using such smartphones which make use of Android OS. And for RIM’s users, the percentage is even more paltry – only 48 percent Blackberry users want to continue using the same brand in the coming days.

Smartphones are the big thing in the global tech market. With the sales of smartphones surging every year since Apple introduced iPhone, a number of competitors have jumped the bandwagon to cash on the huge customer market. However, so far, only Apple seems to be doing well and increasing it’s sales exponentially every year. Also, the current standing of different companies will matter a great deal in the coming years. This is because about 63 percent of the surveyed users stated that they would like to stick to their brand rather than switching to another one. And this means any new competitor in the smartphone market will have to do the extra-work in order to find a brand loyalty.

Image courtesy Phil Roeder.
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