iPhone’s Battery Has Limited Its Potential, And Things Need To Change

Most of the articles about iPhone on the web are usually meant to eulogize the sheer beauty that the handset is. However, there are such rare, few articles which dish out some very constructive criticism which provides food for thought. One such article decides to look into the details of iPhone’s battery and how it is limiting our productivity.

iPhone battery

iPhone is a smartphone that is capable of a lot of things. In fact, it is really the best smartphone on the market, packing excellent hardware, offering an extra-ordinary ecosystem of apps and set deep within the secure iOS platform. However, the major problem that TNW’s Matthew Panzarino has pointed out, is that iPhone has a very limited battery cycle.

For iPhone 5, it is a mere 10 hours when browsing the web. Yes, this is still better than the battery life of other rival smartphones in the market, but Panzarino didn’t discuss comparisons. He discussed the innovation in the realm of smartphone batteries and the effects of limited battery cycles on the users.

For instance, he pointed out that since our iPhones have limited battery hours, we tend to rush things up – we can’t take many shots, admire the art on the music album covers, or even run apps in the background, out of the fear that this would drain our smartphone’s battery sooner.

This, in turn, has changed out smartphone usage habits. We don’t want to keep the screens alive for a long time, or to use our handsets extensively at a given moment. This, and similar other limitations, have affected our productivity. And not only that, with the battery limitations, we can’t utilize the true power and beauty of iPhone.

So Apple needs to find a solution, and find it quick. The era of lithium-ion batteries seems to be near over and there are only so many maneuvers that Apple can undertake in improving them. The company has all the cash, expertise and skills required to achieve a break-through in smartphone batteries – and it needs better batteries to provide iPhone users with a better user experience.

Source: TNW

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