Issues of iOS 4 upgrade on iPhone 3G is investigate by Apple

Apple has reportedly begun investigating software issues on iPhone 3G models that have been upgraded to the recently released iOS 4 mobile operating system. The most popular criticism of the upgrade is the phone’s noticeably slower performance, but complaints of a quickly draining battery and excessively heat are also prevalent. The powerful software upgrade.Now Apple is investigating the issues of iOS 4 on iPhone 3G………

Some iPhone 3G owners who upgraded their phone to the latest iOS software have complained of slowness and shorter battery life. Apple now says it will be looking into the complaints.

Since iOS 4 was released in mid-June, iPhone 3G owners have voiced problems with the phone seemingly grinding to a halt: slow keyboard response time, frozen unlock screens, and a battery that drains faster than with previous versions of the software.

These type of occurrences are common for many older phones receiving bulky software updates, but the real thorn in the whole situation is that the affected iPhone 3G models become virtually unusable and the process of downgrading the phone back to the older operating system is tough. There are even some blogs with have instructions, but taking such action is not supported by Apple. The only option remaining for a number of owners will be to restore the phone to factory settings, but that wipes all the data saved on the device.

Apple’s latest iOS 4 operating system is robust, but it said to be partially compatible (no multitasking) with both the 3G and 3Gs models even despite the former being over two years old.

Back when we outlined the iOS 4 features missing from iPhone 3G, we forgot one key bullet point: performance. As more and more two-year veterans of Apple’s phones have taken the plunge and upgraded to the latest firmware, slowdown and battery drain issues have become a common complaint, which is even more irksome when you think of just how little the update really adds to the UI.

The problematic reports are in addition to the numerous complaints of poor reception quality on the newly released iPhone 4 model. This was due to new design changes to the antenna, hence the whole debacle being dubbed “Antennaegate.” As a result, Apple has attempted to quell customers’ concerns by providing free cases to all those affected.

According to those customers on the support forum, Apple customer service has been telling 3G users to restore their iPhones to the factory settings, effectively downgrading their device to iOS 3.

The Wall Street Journal reports speaking to an Apple spokesperson who said the company is looking into the matter. That doesn’t necessarily mean a fix is coming anytime soon, but hey, at least you can hold the darn thing however you want.


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