Next iPhone Rumored To Launch In Fall 2012

Now that we are nearly sure that Apple will most certainly unveil the much anticipated tablet, iPad 3, within the first week of March, the rumor-mill has now turned it’s attention to the sixth-generation iPhone. So far, Apple has released five iPhone devices which include the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Now, Apple is expected to release iPhone 5 or whatever it terms the sixth-generation iPhone. According to a claim by a Japanese publication Macotakara, Apple will release the next iPhone during fall this year.

Nearly all of Apple’s iPhone devices, with the sole exception of iPhone 4S, were released during the summer. The analysts held it that Apple will continue the trend of releasing every new iPhone during a summer season, but then the launch of iPhone 4S in fall 2011 put this belief to question.  Perhaps that was a move by Apple to typically thwart the expectations and surprise the fans and analysts alike. So, we can’t really reasonably predict the launch trend for the next iPhone.

However, Macotakara is now claiming that Apple will yet again go against it’s summer-launch tradition and go on to release the next iPhone device during fall 2012. Another online source has earlier reported that Apple will release the device in October this year and that the next iPhone will feature LTE support.

One thing that definitely supports the claim of a fall-2012 launch is that when Apple launched iPhone 4S in fall 2011, it hugely boasted it’s sales because of the holiday season. The company was able to sell a whooping 37 million iPhone devices. So, Apple may be tempted to launch yet again in fall 2012 to cash on the holiday season, something which definitely boasts the sales by great numbers.

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