iTunes 10.2 is Safe for Jailbreaking and Unlocking

Just a few hours ago, Apple has released iTunes 10.2 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. As you already know Apple has also announced their next generation tablet called iPad 2. iPad 2 is running iOS 4.3. iOS 4.3 will release on 11th March for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. iTunes 10.2 will be required by iPad 2. iTunes 10.2 supports iOS 4.3 sync support and improved home sharing. Now MuscleNerd (iPhone Dev Team member and Hacker) tweeted to confirm that iTunes 10.2 is safe for all Jailbreak and Unlock users.

From his tweet:

Today’s iTunes 10.2 is safe for JBers (syncs fine, doesn’t break DFU JB tools or afc2, allows shift/opt-Restore, etc)

Musclenerd also said that iTunes 10.2 allows downgrading via saved SHSH blobs.

@iphonetechtips yep, downgrading using saved SHSH blobs still works fine too

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  1. Jslidat

    If a iphone 3G was updated on itunes 10.2, what firmware and software will be installed? mines not activated so I can’t see this info via the settings, i’m still stuck in emergency call mode.

  2. Jslidat

    I’m sorry, I meant to ask if iphone 3G was RESTORED via itunes 10.2. I not sure if there is a difference. The software verion I had prior to the restore was 3.1.3 I don’t know what the firmware was but the phone was jb and unlocked.

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