iTunes Ends 50 Billion App Download Promo, No Winner Announced Yet

Apple’s App Store has reached 50 billion downloads since its starting in 2008. Apple announced earlier that the lucky customer who will make the 50 billionth download will receive a $10,000 gift card. Although Apple ended 50 billion app download promo, the winners of the promotion are yet to be announced.

App Store 50 billion app download promo

The first lucky winner of the 50 billion app download promo will be awarded a $10,000 gift card valid for App Store, Mac App Store, or any other iTunes Store content. Not only that, Apple will also reward $50o gift cards to 50 additional winners.

Apple App Store took nearly 44 months to reach 25 billion downloads. The rest 25 billion downloads were achieved in about 14.5 months.

Source: MacoOserver

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