Jailbreak iPad on iOS 4.3 GM Using PwnageTool[How To]

Apple already released iOS 4.3 GM (Gold Master) which is the final release of iOS 4.3 before it hits iDevice users on March 11th. Couple of days ago, we published a step by step guide on jailbreaking the iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3 GM by using the PwnageTool. Now here we have a detailed guide on jailbreaking iPad running on iOS 4.3 GM by using PwnageTool Bundles.

Necessary tools:

* PwnageTool 4.2
* Mac OS X
* Access to iOS 4.3 GM firmware
* iTunes 10.2
* Universal Ramdisk Fixer
* PwnageTool bundle for iOS 4.3 GM
* Tetheredboot utility

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Download PwnageTool 4.2 from the link given below, copy it to application directory and click on “show package contents” after right click on the PwnageTool 4.2.

Step 2: Navigate to Contents/Resources/FirmwareBundles/ and paste iPad1,1_4.3_8F190.bundle file in this location.

Step 3: Download PwnageTool Bundle for iPad and paste in the above FirmwareBundles folder and simply close the folder.

Creating Custom Ramdisk for iOS 4.3 Custom Firmware

Step 4: Download Universal Ramdisk Maker and simply install it as shown in the screenshots below. This is important because Ramdisk in the current version of PwnageTool is broken. This Universal Ramdisk Maker basically patches it correctly for iOS 4.3 firmware.

Building iOS 4.3 Custom Firmware

Step 5: Download iOS 4.3 GM from the link given below and move it to a particular folder.

Step 6: Run PwnageTool in “expert mode” and click on your idevice.

Step 7: You will be asked to select iOS 4.3 GM for your device. Select iOS 4.3 GM and click on open.

Step 8: Simply click on button “Build”.

Step 9: Let the PwnageTool do its work. It will cook custom iOS 4.3 FW for your device.

Step 10: Once the process completed, simply click on “Quit”.

Restore iOS 4.3 Custom Firmware on iPad Using iTunes

Step 11: Keep your iPad connected with your Mac and run iTunes 10.2.

Step 12: Simply select your device, press and hold the option button from your keyboard and click on “Restore” button on the screen. You will be asked for the custom FW of iOS 4.3 GM select it and click on “Open”.

Booting in Tethered Mode

Step 13: Download “TetheredBoot” from the link given below and unzip the .zip file.

Step 14: First, we will need two files from the custom iOS 4.3 GM firmware for iPad namely: kernelcache.release.k48 and iBSS.k48ap.RELEASE.dfu. To do this, make a copy of your custom iOS 4.3 GM file that you created above, change the extension of this file from .ipsw to .zip, and then extract this .zip file.

Now copy kernelcache.release.k48 file, and then copy iBSS.k48ap.RELEASE.dfu files which are found under /Firmware/dfu/.

Move all these files, and tetheredboot utility to a new folder named “tetheredboot” on the desktop.

Step 15: Turn off the power o your device and run Terminal app on your Mac and run this command.

sudo -s

cd /User/Desktop/Tetherboot/

./tetheredbootiBSS.n90ap.RELEASE.dfu kernelcache.release.n90

and simply follow the instructions appearing on the screen.

You should now see some code running in the Terminal window, at some point, it will ask you to enter DFU mode. Follow the steps as illustrated in Step 8 above to enter DFU mode on iPad.

Now wait for your iPad to boot, Terminal at this point will be showing “Exiting libpois0n” message. After a short while, your iPad will be booted in a jailbroken tethered mode !

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