Jailbreak Tweak Peekly Offers Cool Two-Page Lockscreen Theme For iOS

Apple’s iOS is hailed as one of the best piece of software running atop mobile hardware. However, many jailbreak tweaks offer a lot of cool features that are not offered by Apple itself. For instance, a new jailbreak tweak ‘Peekly’ is now offering a really cool 2-page lockscreen theme for iOS devices.


Naturally, Apple doesn’t take a liking to jailbreaking since it essentially lets iOS users break free from the limits it places on the iOS experience. However, to be able to use better and more diverse innovations from multiple third-party developers, jailbreak is a prerequisite.

The homescreen on iOS devices can be terribly boring at times. Peekly offers a respite from this with its 2-page lockscreen theme. The theme comprises of one page that displays the time and date. You can choose between having the time displayed on different clocks, or even without any clock. When you slide to the right, you are able to view a tri-monthly calendar.

The second page is accessed by dragging the screen to the left. This reveals a second page which displays weather updates. On this page, you can drag the screen half-way to the left to see a more detailed weather forecast of the coming days.

Switching between the two pages is absolutely seamless. The best part, naturally, is that the tweak is absolutely free and you can download it from Studio Graphic’s website. Watch the video below to see the theme in action; we bet you’ll be impressed:

Source: Studio Graphic

Courtesy: 9to5mac

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