Keep An Eye On Your iOS Through iSyslog System Monitoring Tool

iSyslog is a very useful tool that lets you keep an eye on your iOS. It lets you keep track of how the apps are doing and if any bugs or errors have occurred. The best part is that the easy-to-use interface lets even the most novice users easily analyze and monitor their iOS. This latest release is an update of the earlier version by The Gamma Project. 

The interface of the app is very user-friendly. All the information about the apps is presented very neatly. You are presented the data of your apps in a very interesting manner: through pie-charts and other graphical simulations, the tool tells you how different apps running on your iOS are doing. The main screen shows you all the apps, grouped together according to their severity. Once you click on any app, it unfolds and shows, in detail, the messages by that specific app. The details are presented through different pictorial presentations which helps you understand how your app is doing, even if you are not an iOS developer.

Usually when an app crashes in iOS, you don’t know how to tell the developer what happened to the app. Unless you are a developer yourself, it’s really hard to find the right log entries which contain the crash data. However, with iSyslog, you can easily copy the latest log entries just before the app crashed, and then paste them in an email to a developer. In this way, iSyslog is a very useful tool.

The tool is equally good for both non-developers as well as professional developers and test engineers. It provides nearly all the relevant information about the working of an app and let’s you keep an eye on it. The tool is available for purchase through App Store for a price of $1.99.

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