Kevin Rose Released Long Awaited “Oink App” For iOS

Kevin Rose formed Milk Inc. after leaving Digg’s CEO post. Since then we heard about Onik. Now its Finally released. Its an App for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. With this App you could rate and review things around you. Not just the place. Like You could review & rate not only KFC, you could review which burger you like. Check more details, and see how it could be better then Yelp!

What is Onik?

Its an iOS App. Its from Milk Inc. which is formed by Kevin Rose to make awesome Apps. We heard about Onik few months back. Oink is an easy way to rate and rank the things around you. Instead of just rating places, you rate the items inside. You could easily find the most popular items on a menu and see if a friend has tried anything there. Then if there’s something you like, it’s just a single press to rate it and share it with friends.

What you can do with Oink:
• Rate items around you and share with your followers
• See all the cool stuff your friends and other users are Oinking
• Find the best things in town (e.g. Best “Pizza” in Denver)
• Find the items at a place (e.g., Best roller coasters at Six Flags)
• Build “cred” in your areas of interest
• Share your Oink activity on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare

Get Onik:

iTune Link:
Note: Onik is free app, its released in iTune, but its not fully available, its still invite only. So you might have to wait a bit after downloading apps.

What We Think About Onik?
I dont know story behind Onik. But the idea is fantastic. It will shake Yelp! industry for sure. Onik user will rate all things around him/her. They will rates thing they like, they will rate service, foods, everything. So as the user grows, we will get best rated product. Like you could find out best Chicken Burger in Manhattan area. You will get rating, review, comments, where to get, location maps, price. and also who reviewed that. You could share with friends in Facebook Twitter. Its just feels awesome. This is a very nice looking app, they have designed it pretty well. So, its time to start using Onik for free and share your likes in more unique way.

See Onik In Action:

How Onik Looks Like?

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