Kickstarter Bring Red Pop Shutter Button For The iPhone 4

Kickstarter being the hotbed of creativity for new ideas, here is one that might just appeal to the masses – the Red Pop shutter button for the iPhone 4. Beep’s Red Pop shutter button add-on is definitely one of the better and more useful one’s we’ve seen floating around.

The iPhone 4’s 5-megapixel, 720p HD video recording camera sensor might take great snaps/video and be the second most popular camera on Flickr, but fumbling with its touchscreen shutter button still blows. That’s why the Red Pop is stepping in to bring a physical shutter button to Apple’s best smartphone.

It’s a simple solution for iPhone 4 photographers who want more control (and grip) and fewer blurry pics. And if it works properly (meaning there’s no noticeable lag from press to processing), then it should be quite an interesting little iPhone 4 gadget to have in your pocket.

How it works

It’s as simple as ‘Twist, Push, Pop’.

Just Twist the barrel, Push Red Pop on to your iPhone dock connector and start to Pop away taking pictures. Red Pop also allows you to shoot away like you would with a camera, with less downtime between shots.

The Red Pop app (which will be free and downloadable from the Apple app store) fires up as soon as you connect Red Pop and the images you take will go straight into your camera album ready to be Tweeted, posted on Facebook or shared via your favourite camera apps. We will be talking to app makers about integration with their apps so if you back us please feel free to let us know via the comments page which apps you would like to see us team up with.

Don’t have an iPhone 4, but still want in on the Red Pop action? Beep plans to make a new one that’s ready for the iPhone 4S/5 due out in September as well as a mold for other smartphones as well. Pledges can still be made for the Red Dot (28 days and $7,705 out of $20,000 pledged as of this writing).

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