Leaked Photos: Low Cost iPhone 4 Prototype

Pictures have surfaced showing what purports to be a pre-release version of the iPhone 4 which promises to be more affordable for the masses and a Vietnamese source claims to have gotten access to the new iPhone 4 model that is designed as a more affordable version of Apple’s popular smartphone. If these pictures prove to be genuine and this prototype hasn’t already been abandoned, the idea of plastic instead of glass and possibly other lower-end components could very easily make for a cheaper iPhone that’s still binary compatible with the existing App Store apps and perhaps even current accessories……………..


A trio of pictures showing a device that looks very similar to the current iPhone 4 appeared this week on the Vietnamese website Tinhte. The poster who shared the leak said the pictures come from a very reliable source. The site has been the source of numerous Apple-related leaks in the past, including this April, when it showed off a prototype iPhone running a test build of iOS. That unreleased software featured an Exposé-style multitasking interface that was originally planned for inclusion in iOS 4 but was ultimately scrapped. The latest photos, highlighted to AppleInsider by Erich Strasser of OLED-display.net, show off a handset that looks very similar to the currently available white iPhone 4. An indication that the device is a prototype comes from the fact that the model number and various identification numbers on the rear of the device are X’ed out. The original poster of the photos admitted that it may be really hard to convince people about the authenticity of the photos, because the device looks exactly like the white iPhone 4.In addition to running at a speed that seems faster than the current iPhone 4, the handset is said to have had its front and back glass panels replaced by two plastic sheets. He said the information comes from a thorough and very reliable source. In one picture, the device is shown to be jailbroken, updating sources from the underground Cydia application store. The report suggests that the pictured handset is a so-called iPhone 4S or an entry-level model that will be introduced alongside the new fifth-generation iPhone this year.



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