Love-Box Allows Shooting Two-sided iPhone Video

Most of the add-ons that are entering the market to be used with smartphones are high-tech stuff. But it’s interesting to note that there are such tools too that makes absolutely no use of technology. Surprised? Here’s what I am talking about: Love-box is a wood-made contraption for iPhone. It enables an iPhone user to record conversation of two people at the same time, like we see in a news interview. This is done with the help of the mirror that is installed on the love-box and can be positioned as desired.

While of course two shots can be merged into a single shot through post-recording video-editing, this wooden tool lets you record two-sided video without any need for video editing. This is done through a mirror that is fixed on a certain angle on the box and it can be slid along a line to position it as desired.

Although this seems like just a fancy tool made at home, it has been launched for a commercial run, initially produced as 100 units. 70 of these are already sold. While this may certainly be a very useful tool, what may stop people from actually purchasing it is the fact that it can be easily constructed at home with a small amount of wood and a tiny mirror. Something as easy as this may take just a few hours to construct. So naturally, people may be very reluctant in purchasing the device which has a price tag of $77.55.

But then again, if you are a movie-buff and want a quick solution without necessarily having to construct it yourself, you may want to give it a go.

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