MWC 2012 – Askey Reveals iPhone 4s Case Incorporated With NFC Chip [Hand-On Picture]

Taiwan based broadband and wireless products manufacturing company Askey Computer Corporation revealed its own branded iPhose 4S Case in MWC 2012 at Barcelona today. The case is incorporated with NFC chip which means the case will give iPhone 4S customers the opportunity to use their iPhone 4S as their digital wallet. Rumored flush out that Apple would eventually introduce Near Fields Communications technology in an iPhone 4S, but speculation that such a technology implementation in the last year was debunked.

Here you can see the hands-on picture of the case. The NFC chip is at the back where you can see that bumpy part. It’s a nice & smart NFC enabled iPhone 4S case. Smartphones like the Nexus S have NFC built-in, which enables the user to perform electronic cash transfers in the real world. More banks are beginning to support this new technology, and many banks will give customers a card for their account with implemented NFC technology. With NFC, you can quickly swipe and pay without the need to enter your PIN or signature.

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