New Apps For Apple iPad

Apple’s iPad has been getting good traction with more than million units being sold within the first month after its official release.

Besides its great graphics performance with bunch of free games and apps support, some are planning to get one just to enjoy reading e-book on its large screen size.Good news now, Barnes & Noble, the world’s largest online bookstore has just released a new free app to iTune store targeted mainly for iPad users.

In order to utilize its large screen for much pleasurable reading experience, some features have been added as an extra bonus when comparing to other existing e-book reader like iBooks for iPad.

Anyway, this is just a free app and users can still rely on its internal menu (top right corner) to change the font size, types with margin depending on own preference.

The app is already available for free download at iTune store and good news for new account sign-ups, they will able to get few public domain book besides some bestsellers’ samplers for free without the need to really spend extra buck for online purchase.

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