New iPhone Apps “Friends” Gives Social Contact Aggregation

A new iPhone apps has released to easily contact with your phone’s address book,Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace.Naming as “Friends”.Once you login to each of these accounts from within the app, your contacts are synced to provide you with one killer list of people you’re connected with.


• See what all your friends are saying on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. If you’d prefer, you can view one social network at a time.

• Magically sync all your friends with your Address Book, providing effortless access to their profiles, photo albums and contact information.

• Enjoy the best Facebook experience; Comment, Like, read your news feed, flick through photo albums, post on your friends’ walls and much more.

• We support all the features you’d expect from an awesome Twitter app; Retweets, favorites, Instapaper, in-line attachments and much more.

• Reading row after row of plain text is boring! If a friend posts a picture, video, check-in or link, you should be able to see it in-line.

• Did you just call a pizza joint, but forgot the address? Friends can find out the contact details of exactly where you just called. Smart, huh!

• And much, much more!

It’s available in the app store for $1.99.[iTunes link]

Here’s some screenshots:

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  1. Jakub Krutsky

    another really cool app – Who’s Free. I let others know if I’m free or busy, perfect way to actually meet up with my Facebook friends when I am out:) best thing about it – it’s for free! check it out;)

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