No More App Reviews From Promo Codes in iTunes App Store

The iPhone community is questioning Apple’s new policy regarding app reviews from promo code downloads.  But after doing some digging this morning on the subject it seems the Cupertino based company is no longer accepting app reviews from users that downloaded with a promo code.

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Several users from different parts of the world are reporting that they are receiving error messages when trying to post a new review on the iTunes App Store.  As of right now there has been no official statement from Apple on the matter, but a developers that runs the promo code site Promo Dispenser has received this email from the iTunes Store Customer Support team:

Anand here again from iTunes Store Customer Support. Thanks for writing back and letting me know your concern. I understand that you are still not able to write a review. I know how disappointing it can be when things don’t work out the way they should. I am sorry to inform that it is no longer possible to rate or review an app if it was downloaded using a developer’s promotional code.

However, I took the liberty of submitting your feedback to Apple on your behalf. Please know that Apple takes the feedback from our customers very seriously. This is the reason for our feedback page – to create a forum where our users can vent, praise or share whatever feelings they have to allow us to meet your needs, and grow as a company. I suggest that you use the link in order to share your feedback with us. I would also encourage you to share this link with all of your friends and family who wish to submit the feedback, and have them all submit the same request.

Obviously Apple is trying to curb tainted and pressured reviews and stop developers from abusing the promo code system.  I have read some mixed reviews so far, some people are happy that Apple is trying to police the App Store, while others just think Apple is trying to show their muscle.

What is still unclear is which promo codes are being affected by Apple’s new policy.  Some users with promo codes have been able to post a review, while others are getting the error message.  We are assuming that Apple is only placing the ban on newly minted promo codes.  So if you have already received a promo code prior to sometime last week, you should be okay to post a review.  Just remember there is a 30 day shelf life on issued promo codes, so make sure you use them in time.

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