Samsung’s Campaign:Free Galaxy smartphones to unhappy iPhone 4 users

Samsung is the manufacturer of Apple’s iPhone 4 processor.After the continuing complaints from the iPhone 4 customers,the company don’t want to miss the opportunity to earn the potential buyers.As a part of the campaign Samsung in the UK is offering free Galaxy S handsets to unhappy iPhone 4 owners.

This is a funny kind of competition. Samsung makes a pile of cash — at least an estimated $2 billion — from making components for the iPhone. (chip, flash, memory). The money really isn’t peanuts: Samsung makes $50 on a 16GB iPhone, and $75 on a 32GB iPhone.

Samsung’s UK Twitter team began offering free Samsung Galaxy S series phones to iPhone 4 owners unhappy that they might have to get a free case.

A spokesperson for the Samsung said:

“Recently there has been a real increase in online activity from consumers dissatisfied with some of our competitors’ products. We decided to contact a cross section of individuals to offer them a free Samsung Galaxy S as a replacement, as we’re confident that once people have the phone in their hands, they’ll see how impressive it is for themselves.”

One of those offered a handset was Tiffany Nieuwland, who told Wired:

“My iPhone and I have been inseparable for almost a month now, tomorrow being one month since the iPhone OS 4 launched. But the honeymoon period ended this week as repeated dropped calls, and a sudden unexplainable inability to make or receive calls or send texts left me disgruntled.

“So I did what anyone else would do: I vented my frustration on Twitter. Imagine my surprise, then, when this morning I am tweeted by Samsung offering me a free Galaxy S, their latest phone. Too good to be true? I decided to investigate.

“I called a friend at Samsung, and though she was initially sceptical, it has now been confirmed: the campaign is legit. Samsung is so confident about the superiority of the Galaxy S that they’re sending free ones to existing iPhone customers so they can decide for themselves.”

It’s an interesting and unconventional approach to marketing the device, which is powered by Android 2.1 and features a whopping great big 4.0-inch AMOLED display. It’s entirely possible that Samsung has taken a gamble that getting a few of the devices out in the wild, so that people can see and play with them, will be worth the initial outlay in terms of the effect they’ll have on sales.

Tiffany added: “I’ve been waiting for an excuse to try out an Android for months, but it is yet to be seen if I can be persuaded to stray.”

Though it is an unconventional approach to marketing Galaxy S but Samsung cares about those who complain on the iPhone 4.

Thanks to 9to5mac , gadgetsdna , wired

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