Now AT&T Internet Tethering option in iPhone OS 4.0 Beta

Apple has just released the newest beta of iPhone OS 4.0, and it comes with a new feature: Internet tethering from AT&T.

Tethering was first revealed as a feature of the iPhone last year with the iPhone OS 3.0.However because of some network problem AT&T did not support Internet tethering.

NowAT&T is finally confident that it can support tethering for its data-hungry customers.

Among the new options in the iPhone OS 4.0, beta version 4 is the option to set up Internet tethering with AT&T via phone or web.However, it’s the best sign yet that AT&T is finally getting its act together and will soon support a feature that it should have supported a long time ago.

Check out the video to update.

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