Now You Can Start Your Car Through Apple’s Siri

Apple’s Siri technology has been hailed as a truly revolutionary piece of technology by many. And although Apple hasn’t done much, yet, to provide Siri users with a wide range of it’s applications, the hackers have. While a recent back allowed Siri to communicate to any device, another hack now allows you to start your car through Siri!!

Brandon Fiquett is the developer who has accomplished this achievement. Earlier, another developer had used a Siri proxy server and through that, had controlled thermostat through wi-fi. Brandon has made use of a similar proxy server.

Control you care over wi-fi:
Fiquett has actually created a plug-in for this purpose, which corresponds directly to his server. The server uses a PHP script to communicate to the plug-in. Through this, a user can send commands to a car making use of a Viper SmartStart system.

Not only can you start your car through Siri by this system, you can also lock or unlock the doors, open up the trunk, and cause the car’s alarms to trigger. Many applications had been developed earlier which allowed a user to interact with his car through mobile phone. But this is a leap forward from that – now you can control your car through your voice.

While Apple has been rather slow with any development on Siri or at least of any such public releases, the developers all around the globe are testing with this new technology and every other day, devise new ways of using the technology. Given this trend, its safe to assume that we will see a lot of voice-based apps and technology emerging in the coming days.

Image courtesy indigo_girl.
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