OMGuitar App for iPad

Om Guitar, a seamless fabric of Eastern and Western meditative sensibilities to soothe and rejuvenate all who listen.Now Amidio Inc. (makers of Seline HD & Touch DJ!) has created a new Guitar emulator App on which you can produce realistic Guitar sounds with out missing any tabs of Guitar. This new app is called OMGuitar.

OMGuitar has 10 built-in effects with over 50 presets: 2 types of Distortion, Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Wah-wah, Vowel filter, Compressor, Tremolo.

+ The best mobile guitar emulation ever!
+ Expressive playing is now possible
+ Amazing sonic quality, the sound is very impressive
+ Record to .WAV, export to iTunes
+ 6 guitars (3 acoustic, 3 electric)
+ 10 On-board FX with 50 presets
+ Instant access to 300 chords with CH#RD interface
+ 7 assignable containters for “quick chords”

More updates is coming soon of OMGuitar app which will include FX presets, more Guitars, MIDI Record/ Output.

Check out the audition ad video below.

Download OMGuitar App for iPad for $14.99.[iTunes Link]

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