PhoneItiPad Hack Turns Your iPad 3G Into iPhone

iPad 3G has been hacked to enable full Phone and SMS functionality and PhoneItiPad jailbreak tweak turns iPad 3G into an iPhone. PhoneItiPad hack is by iPhoneIslam, which was behind the FaceIt-3GS, a hack that enables FaceTime video calling on an iPhone 3GS………..


iPhoneIslam team which has previously authored FaceIt3GS has come up with a new hack for iPad 3G with  full calling and SMS support and iPad 3G allow internet connection and other services via 3G, but not calls or SMS. That’s quite a letdown, since the device has the capability to send calls. Of course you could get Skype, but good luck getting everyone in your list to get a Skype ID. According to the authors, this hack will require nothing but a jailbroken iPad:

A hack that will change the game. Can you imagine turn your iPad to a fully functional phone.

WIth No Special Hardware all what you need is Jailbroken iPad 3G and your iPad 3G will do anything you expect from iPhone… Phone Calls, SMS, FaceTime by Phone Number… ETC


Of course it’s hard to believe anything you see out there, especially on YouTube, but the team behind this already has a track record of providing high-quality mods in the past. Last year, they released FaceIt3GS, which enabled FaceTime on older iPhone 3GS devices. It’s important to note that this tweak will require you to jailbreak your phone first, since, just like any OS modification, it’s not approved by Apple. It’s recommended that you have basic skills on how to restore your device, in case something goes wrong. There’s no release date for this tweak as of yet, but according to iPhoneIslam, it will be available on Cydia very soon.



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  2. James

    Has any body any information why my phoneitipad worked for 2 days, I had to reboot now it won’t make calls or texts I have full cellular coverage, any info would be great thanks

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