iPhone 5 Parts Catches On Video

A video has surfaced on youtube showing parts for a supposed unreleased iPhone, possibly an iPhone 5 or a Verizon iPhone.The video has posted by a firm called GlobalDirectParts.They have the parts of Apple’s next generation iPhone i.e iPhone 5.There is a lot of speculation on the origin of the parts, and what iPhone the parts are for.

There is a slot for micro SIM card which suggests this iPhone uses the GSM bands. Also it may be a global CDMA phone for Verizon.

The case design is not radically different compared to the iPhone 4, which could mean that rather than being a next-gen model, it’s a slight “iPhone 4.5” redesign for the (supposedly) forthcoming Verizon model of iPhone 4. The case does have a cutout for a SIM card, however, which makes this a somewhat less likely proposition — unless this “iPhone 4.5” is intended to be a universal GSM/CDMA phone. Naturally, the part could also either be an earlier prototype design or an outright fake.

It may seem early for possible iPhone 5 part leaks, but repair firm iResQ got hold of the iPhone 4’s front faceplate as early as February of 2010. The similarities between this new case and the iPhone 4 case also gel with what I’ve suspected, that the iPhone 5 will most likely be a 3GS-style mini-update of the iPhone 4 rather than a major design shift. GlobalDirectParts claims to have details on this supposedly new iPhone’s display and motherboard, too, and will be showing those off next week. In the meantime, click “Read More” and have a look at the video of the case.

Checkout the video below.


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