Quick Run-Down Of iOS 7 Bugs, iOS 7.1 Update May Take Some Time Yet

When Apple released iOS 7, it was hailed as the first revamped and redesigned outlook for iOS in many years. However, over time iOS 7 proved to contain many bugs, some of them critical. This may be the reason why the upcoming iOS 7.1 keeps getting pushed back.

iOS 7

iOS 7 arrived with a whole plethora of new features. These included better designed icons, new features and some news apps such as the one used for the Touch ID sensor in iPhone 5S. However, iOS 7 also has its fair share of problems and bugs.

Within no time of its release, it was reported that Siri could be used to disable the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature in iOS 7. Then it was discovered that an iOS 7 bug allows making non-emergency calls despite the lock screen.┬áThen the famous iMessage bug in iOS 7 devices surfaced and Apple promised to take care of it. More recently, we were told that a bug can be used to entirely disable and circumvent the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature on an iOS 7 device.

This last exploit is applicable only on such devices which don’t have Touch ID or passcode enabled. That is some reassurance but if an iOS 7 device doesn’t have these security checks in place, another person in possession of your lost or stolen iPhone will be able to disable the iPhone location feature and possibly erase all data on board.

All these bugs and issues show that it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for iOS 7. And this may be the reason why Apple is taking so much time and too many betas before iOS 7.1 is launched. The company has recently released the fifth beta of the upcoming release to its developers and yet, the public version of the update may still take a few weeks to arrive.

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