Report: No iPhone 5 This June

Traditionally, Apple unveils the newest iPhone every June at WWDC, along with iPod Touches in September and new iPads in March. But according to a report this year’s event in June will be 100-percent software news.

Jim Dalrymple at The Loop reported Monday that sources have informed him that the upcoming WWDC in June is a “software show,” and “not a hardware event.” This year, Apple reportedly plans to focus on iOS, which powers the iPhone and iPad, as well as the upcoming release of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

Apple puts out one of these WWDC announcements every year, so let’s take a look:

* WWDC 2010: Apple emphasizes iPad development and iPhone OS 4 (iOS 4), we get iPhone 4
* WWDC 2009: Apple emphasizes Snow Leopard and iPhone OS 3.0 development, we get iPhone 3GS
* WWDC 2008: Apple emphasizes OS X Leopard and iPhone OS X, we get iPhone 3G
* WWDC 2007: Apple emphasizes OS X, we get iPhone (pre-announced at Macworld)

If the iPhone 5 doesn’t debut in June, it really could shake up the perceived status quo in Apple’s perceived iOS device release schedule.


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