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What Not To Expect From This WWDC 14

You guys already seen enough of guesses on what to expect from this WWDC 14. Lets look at all the facts, instead of wild imagination and fantasy, lets see what we are not going to see from Mascone Center, just few hours later.

Apple Has Sold 600 Million iOS Devices So Far

When it comes to the smartphone and tablet arena, Apple continues to be the undisputed champion. The company may have lost to Samsung in numbers recently, but its overall performance and revenues still trump all else. At WWDC 2013, Apple has now revealed that so far, it has sold some 600 million iOS devices.

Apple Overhauls The Looks And Theme Of iOS 7

For long, users have pined for Apple to visually update its mobile operating system, the iOS. Apple has finally heeded these demands, unveiling a major design overhaul in iOS 7 at WWDC 2013. With these changes, iOS 7 appears far more clean, easy-on-the-eyes and visually appealing.