Reports Say Apple Loosing Demand For iPhone 5

Apple’s iPhone might be loosing its coolness to Android opponents like Samsung Galaxy S III? The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has reported that Apple is loosing demand for iPhone 5. The result is slashed orders for iPhone 5 display units.

iPhone 5

While the pre-order units of iPhone 5 sold out within an hour, people firmly believed that Apple would do a great business with this new iteration. The trend continued in China too, as more than 1,00,000 iPhone 5 pre-orders were received in the first 24 hours. As the initial phase passed, iPhone 5 seems to lose its coolness to Android smartphones, especially Samsung Galaxy S III. The result is a lower than expected demand. Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported, Apple has already cut component orders for its iPhone 5 because of “weaker-than-expected-demand.”

Reuters also reported that Apple was supposed to place order for 65 million units display for its iPhone 5 in the first quarter of 2013, but due to “weaker-than-expected-demand” Apple will place 70-80 percent less order for its iPhone 5 display compared to last quarter of 2012.

We are speculating that another reason might have added to the cut-down in display order – an iPhone 5S might be on its way.

Source: WSJ, Reuters

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