Rumor: iOS 5 May Delayed Until Fall

TechCrunch have reported that Apple plans to wait until fall to release iOS 5 – an unusual move, as new major iOS releases are usually launched at the beginning of the summer, alongside new iPhones. Apple typically releases major iOS during June along with a new iPhone hardware, like it have been happening since 2007: June 2008, iOS 2; June 2009, iOS3, June 2010 iOS 4.

TechCrunch has a list of recent rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 which are as follows:

* iOS 5 will launch in the fall and will be a major revamp of the OS.
* It could well be previewed at WWDC, it just won’t be released then.
* The iOS 5 launch is also likely to coincide with the release of a new type of iPad.
* The new iOS will be heavily built around the cloud, and we could see several new services launch from Apple that take advantage of this.
* Yes, one of those is very likely a “music locker” service. There is also a fall launch aim for this, during Apple’s annual music-themed event.
* But much of the cloud stuff will first be talked about at WWDC, Apple’s developer event which will take place in June.
* One of the new cloud service elements is likely a location service that focuses on finding friends and family members.
* OS X Lion is still on pace for a summer release — some of the new cloud components are likely to be baked into it as well.

The report also implies that the iPhone 5 will ship with iOS 4 (iOS 4.4?), instead of iOS 5. Once the device is available, iPhone 5 users will have to wait until the new iteration iOS is available to enjoy new features such as a new digital locker for iOS users, and Apple-branded maps/navigation services.


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