Steps To Change iPhone App Icons Without Jailbreaking

There are many apps available in your iPhone.Most of its dependents on jailbreaking.But still there are some apps which are not so.Apple doesn’t make it easy to customize your iPhone’s look on a system mod level, but luckily there are still jailbreak-free hacks out there to taunt Apple’s need for aesthetic control.

There are multiple reasons you may want to change an app icon; you think the developer’s icon is ugly, you want a retina display-compatible icon, or you just want to mess with your friend while he’s away from his phone.

Here’s how you will do that.

Step 1: Download iPhone Explorer.

Step 2: Plug in your iPhone over USB and open iPhone Explorer. Navigate to the app you want to change, “Phone/Apps/AppName/”

Step 3: If you are using a retina display device, drag the “icon@2x.png” to a folder in the Finder for safekeeping. If you are on a 3GS, 3G or older iPod touch, drag the “icon.png” to Finder for a backup.

Step 4: Find the replacement icon you want to use and name it exactly “icon@2x.png” for the retina display or “icon.png” for older devices (case-sensitive). The file must be a .png file and the size must be 114×114 for retina display and 57×57 for older devices. The image must also be 72 PPI with no transparency and no layers. If you’re using an icon from a designer’s icon container, you shouldn’t have to worry about PPI or the transparency and layers.

Step 5: Delete the default icon and drag your replacement icon to the aforementioned app folder in iPhone Explorer.

Step 6: Now Reboot your iPhone.

That’s all.

If you are a new iPhone user and don’t know about jailbreaking and unlocking you may checkout this post.

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