Swedish Software Cracks iPhone Passcode Within 2 Minutes

If you have been acting smug thinking that locking your iPhone with a passcode would ensure a fail-safe security for your smartphone, you have to think again. This is because a Swedish software developer, Micro Systemation, has demonstrated that iPhone’s passcode can be easily bypassed within 2 minutes using the company’s XRY 6.2 software and hardware.

Micro Systemation creates software and hardware for different clients related to law enforcement and military. So essentially the company is involved in bypassing passcodes and other such security measures to enable its clients to crack into the devices of criminals and access their data.

The XRY 6.2 tool by the Swedish developer does not stop just at bypassing the passcode. After cracking the passcode in less than two minutes, it goes on to dump the iPhone’s data to a PC and then decrypt this data. Once the data is decrypted, it is able to divulge a whole lot of valuable information such as user’s GPS location, call logs, files, messages, contacts and even a log of all the keystrokes that the user has entered on his iPhone.

And non-iPhone users shouldn’t heave a sigh of relief on this because XRY 6.2 can effectively accomplish all this on an iPad 6600 other mobile devices including tablets, smartphones, music players and 3G modems. In fact, security of the Android devices seems even more easier to bypass  since rather than using a special software tool, authorities can accomplish a passcode-bypass by simply using reverse smudge engineering.

Here’s the video of iPhone passcode being unlocked within two minutes:

Image courtesy flomiscous.

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