T-Mobile Might Close the Deal With Apple For iPhone 5

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When the latest iPhone was released and Apple pushed it with an unprecedented force, the only major US carrier that remained overlooked was T-Mobile. With the next generation iPhone, apparently Apple has at least one more reason to rethink its partnerships as the carrier can now show off brand new technology to bring to the negotiation table.

As CNet reports, T-Mobile has a unique band spectrum based on Advanced Wireless Services (AWS). T-Mobile’s Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray explained that Appleā€™s chipsets to be integrated in iPhone 5 would come with support for AWS. “The challenge that existed in the past will go away,” said Neville Ray when predicted the new partnership with Apple. If T-Mobile will manage to get iPhone in its carrier, this will certainly contribute to Apple’s total iPhone sales for 2012

The situation is quite grim as T-Mobile’s CEO Philipp Humm admitted at a press conference. While T-Mobile was unable to offer to its subscribers the most talked about smartphone on the market, the main rivals AT&T, Verizon and Sprint all had this opportunity to get ahead T-Mobile. Consequently, during past few months T-Mobile lost many high profile subscribers. This time the situation might be different. “We firmly believe that T-Mobile’s portfolio will give any iPhone a run for its money,” predicted one T-Mobile official with hope.


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