Tascam Portastudio For iPad

Tascam’s cassette-based Portastudios were used by countless musicians to make their first recordings and TASCAM’s Portastudio brings 30 years of easy-to-use home recording to your iPad.Tascam Portastudio is based n the PORTA ONE recorder that revolutionized recording in 1984 and the Portastudio app records up to four tracks with a vintage vibe.Tascam Portastudio for iPad could make you a four-track superstar all over again with Faux Cassette and Everything Old is new again……

Tascam’s Portastudio, released today, is a particularly striking example. The famed, budget cassette multitrack recorder, the box on which countless demos and quick songwriter creations was forged, appears on Apple’s tablet. There’s even a fake cassette tape, which I have to say is a little bit unnerving.The problem with a lot of software design of the past couple of decades is that it’s somewhat inhumane. Given endless space and often-increasing, ever-cheaper system resources, music software has been, charitably, less-than-friendly. Resembling a 70s jumbo jet cockpit, UI controls multiply and shrink to the point that they challenge all but an 18-year-old pair of eyes. Add in clunky default OS widgets, collapsible tabs and dockable windows that add still more complexity, and you wind up with a trainwreck.

Features :

  • Cassette tape-style transport.You have to rewind and fast forward to get around.)Routing to four inputs.
  • Mixdown to stereo (via a dialog box, so that’s the point where you break the illusion).
    Simple EQ.
  • File sharing, via iTunes or Soundcloud. (This last item is what makes this a useful tool and not just a novelty.)
  • Support for “a few” class-compliant audio interfaces, though your mileage may vary.


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