Panamp Replaces Your Default Music Player App On Your iPhone

Are you bored with the default music player app on your iPhone? So we bring the solution to come up with their own iPhone music player app called Panamp. The new set of features to differentiate it from the default app, including a sleek-looking interface, Panamp is a music playing app that attempts to improve the music listening experience on the iPhone.

Panamp works with iTunes, existing playlists, iCloud, AirPlay, your headset remote controls, and iOS multitasking. Panamp is due to hit the App Store in July 14th. Check out the demonstration video showing you what you can do with the app bellow.

Panamp is touted to have features such as  an improved Music Library for sorting your music and Dynamic Queues to let you create playlists on the go, a Power Search allows you to locate your music quickly and efficiently. One cool feature about Panamp is the visibility of your playback controls. You can also access Panamp’s playback controls on your lockscreen. So are you excited?

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Imrul Haque is Product Engineer at TheTechJournal. He writes about new products and covers mobile apps. You can reach him on Twitter And Google+.

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