The Camera Lens and Proximity Sensor in White iPhone 4 Has Updated

After ten months of delays, Apple has finally launched the white version of the iPhone 4 a few days ago in different countries and now this device has been a great success. As noted by Japanese Apple blog MacOtakara (via Google Translate), teardown photos of the white iPhone 4 suggest that Apple has changed both the camera lens and proximity sensor on the white version of its bestselling smartphone.

According to the report, the lens remains the same, but the “magnitude of the incident light” between the black and white models is a different size.

Looking at photo comparisons of the white and black iPhone 4 shows that the rear-facing camera lens on the white iPhone 4 has been set farther back than the black model. Another photo shows that the internal proximity sensor on the white iPhone 4 model has also been changed.

Analysts believe the white iPhone 4 could sell up to 1.5 million units each quarter until the release of the iPhone 5.


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