The Front Camera Of Next iPhone Will Be HD-Capable, Analyst Says

As we near the much-anticipated launch of Apple’s next iPhone, which is expected in September or October, a number of analysts are dishing out their thoughts as to what may be the possible specifications of the device. While we have heard rumors about the processor and chips used in iPhone 5, here are some thoughts on the front camera of the smartphone.

According to Mingchi Kuo, who is an analyst with KGI, Apple will be improving the front camera of iPhone 5 by making it HD capable. At the same time, Apple will move the position of the camera somewhat towards the middle and employ a flip-chip (FC) solution.

The front-facing camera in iPhone 4S has a VGA resolution. But to go with the larger display of the next iPhone, Kuo thinks that Apple will include an HD-capable front camera. However, when it comes to the rear camera, Apple will maintain it at 8-megapixel but may choose to improve it by enhancing the aperture range up to f/2.2.

The CCM of rear camera in iPhone 5, he think, will be 5.55mm together with a lens TTL of 4mm. Earlier, there was a purported leak of certain camera parts which, it was claimed, were meant to be used in Apple’s next iPhone. Those camera parts definitely suggested that Apple may be in for a redesign of iPhone cameras.

However, that information could not be validated. Same is the case with Kuo’s thoughts. They are an analysis and the reality may be far from it. But to ascertain or refute them, we will have to wait for the launch of iPhone 5.

Source: Apple Insider

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