Graft Intends To Offer The Most Comprehensive iPhone Cases

In the recent past, we have seen an influx of many different iPhone cases, each coming equipped with unique features. Some let you keep your business cards in them while others allow more. However, Graft Concepts, makers of unique iPhone cases now plans to offer such iPhone case which will be the one-stop solution for all iPhone users.

Graft Leverage

The iPhone case, now offered by Graft is called Leverage. The purpose of such iPhone case concept is to offer easy installation and removal, together with additional functionality to help the iPhone users with certain other chores. It includes a latched frame and interchangeable backplates. However, users can choose between having a backplate hitched up to the frame or having a card holder fitted in its place. The plain version costs $40 whereas the one with the card holder costs a cool $50.

But as “People’s complaints weren’t being addressed, like phones being damaged from their cases and being really difficult to take off,” so now Peter Szucs, co-founder of the startup has said that “we’re just swapping out the backplate — we can offer it for less so people can buy more sorts of backplates.”

The competition in the iPhone case market is really tough right now. A number of vendors are offering multiple cases for the handset. In this context, Graft can hope to succeed only if it keeps up with offering newer, better designs.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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